GFD 0: Rotating fluids have weird properties

Taylor Columns revealed by food coloring in a rotating tank

GFD I: Cloud formation

Cloud formation on adiabatic expansion

GFD II: Convection

Convection due to heating from below

GFD III: Radial inflow
GFD IV: Parabolic table
GFD V: Inertial Circles

Visualizing the Coriolis effect

GFD VI: Perrot's bathtub experiment

Experiment on Earth's rotation

GFD VII: Taylor Columns

Taylor Columns over a bump

GFD VIII: Thermal Wind and Hadley Circulation

Thermal wind and the Hadley circulation

GFD IX: Fronts

Slope of a frontal surface

GFD X: Ekman layers

Spin down of a cyclone

GFD XI: General circulation

General circulation of the atmosphere

GFD XII: Stress-driven circulation and Ekman layers

Stress-driven flow

GFD XIII: Wind-driven circulation ocean circulation

Ocean gyres

GFD XIV: Thermohaline circulation


GFD XV: Source sink flow in a rotating basin

Abyssal flow